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Dr. Speed is the visionary force behind DrS Consulting Group & Associates, LLC—an energetic consultancy dedicated to nurturing the inception of small businesses. Her steadfast commitment originates from a lifelong mission to illuminate critical aspects of entrepreneurship, financial planning, and fiscal responsibility. Possessing an esteemed academic background, Dr. Speed holds a Doctorate in Accounting, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from renowned institutions. Leveraging this extensive knowledge, she empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with the indispensable insights and strategies necessary for a successful venture launch. Dr. Speed’s unwavering dedication to fostering financial literacy and advocating responsible business practices is the core of her consultancy, establishing her as a trusted ally for those embarking on small business ownership.

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JoJo The CEO

Introducing JoJo the CEO showcases the early stages of a boss baby called JoJo. This book is the first in this series that speaks about a young boy with big business ideas and an even bigger spirit! JoJo is the son of a king and the joy of a queen. He loves to dance, and he loves to read. He leads his peers through his actions. His parents tell him often that is he a prince, brown and proud! Everyone loves to have JoJo around. Learn all about this boss baby JoJo as he dances, speaks with integrity, counts, sings, and runs his own business!

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Love this book! I highly recommend anyone with small children to get this book for their little ones!! This book teaches our children to be proud of themselves & to share & be kind to others no matter who you are!!! JoJo The CEO is a true inspiration to our kids generation.
Everyday my son gets out of school he wants me to read this book. He says ” momma I’m a king and I say yes baby your my king.” Lol I think his favorite part is Dance JoJo dance. He say he want to buy all his friends at school one of these books.. 💚 If you haven’t gotten your own copy yet, please do so!
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