Author, Business Consultant, Speaker, Entrepreneur, College Professor, Corporate Leader, and, most importantly, a devoted mother to the main character of her children’s book series, JoJo the CEO.

Dr. Speed is the visionary force behind DrS Consulting Group & Associates, LLC—an energetic consultancy dedicated to nurturing the inception of small businesses. Her steadfast commitment originates from a lifelong mission to illuminate critical aspects of entrepreneurship, financial planning, and fiscal responsibility. Possessing an esteemed academic background, Dr. Speed holds a Doctorate in Accounting, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from renowned institutions. Leveraging this extensive knowledge, she empowers aspiring entrepreneurs with the indispensable insights and strategies necessary for a successful venture launch. Dr. Speed’s unwavering dedication to fostering financial literacy and advocating responsible business practices is the core of her consultancy, establishing her as a trusted ally for those embarking on small business ownership.

In alignment with her commitment, she authored “Blueprints To Unleash Your Entrepreneurship,” a resource tailored to guide and inspire young minds and new entrepreneurs navigating the intricacies of entrepreneurship. The book encourages them to recognize their skills, passions, and God-given talents, empowering them to evolve into the best version of an entrepreneur.

Beyond her literary contributions, Dr. Speed is a college professor, sharing her knowledge in courses such as Accounting Information Systems and Financial Management for Bachelor’s and Master’s level students. Additionally, she holds the role of Lead Product Owner for one of the most extensive communications and automotive services companies, further enriching her extensive portfolio in both academia and industry leadership.

Proudest Mom Moment:

Meet Dr. Sharita, a dedicated mother and accomplished author with a profound commitment to empowering the next generation. Her most cherished role is as the creator of four published books, three of which are dedicated to her son, JoJo, The CEO.

Dr. Sharita’s passion lies in nurturing today’s children to become tomorrow’s leaders. Her books are:

  • A testament to this belief.
  • Showcasing JoJo’s adventures and emphasizing the importance of saving money.
  • Building businesses.
  • Fostering kindness, and most importantly.
  • Having fun while learning and growing.

In her latest venture, Dr. Sharita introduces “JoJo the CEO and Friends,” a transformative learning initiative for early scholars. This comprehensive project includes the third installment in the JoJo The CEO series, a captivating children’s book featuring interactive learning activities. It also incorporates a catchy “Days of the Week” song, an innovative educational game app, and an immersive audiobook experience. All elements are thoughtfully designed to make learning the days of the week an engaging and memorable journey for our young learners. Dr. Sharita’s dedication to education, creativity, and fun shines through in every aspect of JoJo the CEO and Friends, leaving an indelible mark on early childhood learning.

What Readers Are Saying

Lashundra Harris
My little ones absolutely LOVE the book! The storyline is great and the animations were super fun. I would definitely recommend this to parents looking for a fun book. It inspires and helps to expand their imagination.
Wood Family
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